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Travel- Exploring Europe

Traveling is something that runs deep in my blood. The adventure of feeling a thrill of uncertainty races through my mind, it is unlike any other feeling. When you find yourself in a place that is unknown you often find yourself. I’ve been thinking a lot about traveling lately and decided to go through my old trip photos from Europe. Though they are not the best of quality I still love them and as I was going through them I began to think about how lucky I was to be going on a trip like this! Below are just a few of the pictures from a great memory of mine. Exploring Europe was an amazing opportunity and along the way I came across a Jeweller. Now, I noticed that almost every street vendor I came across was selling ‘Cameo’ rings and I came close to buying one a couple of times but I had a hunch they were fake! Although this Cameo (I did end up purchasing) was about 4x the price of the others, I knew it was real and the experience I had in the jewellery store with the man who carved it, was by far one of the best memories I could ever have imagined! Looking through these photographs makes my heart ┬árace, I cannot wait to travel and see where life brings me!!


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