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Travel- Exploring Europe

Traveling is something that runs deep in my blood. The adventure of feeling a thrill of uncertainty races through my mind, it is unlike any other feeling. When you find yourself in a place that is unknown you often find yourself. I’ve been thinking a lot about traveling lately and decided to go through my old trip photos from Europe. Though they are not the best of quality I still love them and as I was going through them I began to think about how lucky I was to be going on a trip like this! Below are just a few of the pictures from a great memory of mine. Exploring Europe was an amazing opportunity and along the way I came across a Jeweller. Now, I noticed that almost every street vendor I came across was selling ‘Cameo’ rings and I came close to buying one a couple of times but I had a hunch they were fake! Although this Cameo (I did end up purchasing) was about 4x the price of the others, I knew it was real and the experience I had in the jewellery store with the man who carved it, was by far one of the best memories I could ever have imagined! Looking through these photographs makes my heart  race, I cannot wait to travel and see where life brings me!!


Terre & Kyle- Lloydminster Wedding Photographer

Terre & Kyle’s wedding was unquestionably one of the most stand out moments in my career! From the head pieces to the shoes their wedding was planned out for every single detail. The love and warmth of their family and friends was outstanding! The day itself was truly inspiring, as huge storm clouds rolled in an anxious bride finishes getting ready, CROSSING her fingers it would hold off. Not only did the clouds break but beautiful sun light illuminated the couples outdoor ceremony just minutes before it began! I will never forget the look on her fathers face as he saw his daughter for the first time. She asked him to help with her shoes, he knelt down, grabbed her foot, looked up at her and instantly, eyes full of tears… The distinct memory of helping his little girl with her shoes hit him! I loved capturing every single moment of this wedding, these people were by far the funniest and most entertaining individuals. Not to mention being able to work beside a wonderful photographer friend: Jessie Mann, It’s opportunities clients like this that remind me just why I LOVE my job!



Country Tea Party- Edmonton & Lloydminster Wedding Photographer

One of the many questions I am always asked is– ” what is your style?”
I believe style is ever changing and we are not limited to choosing one specific style to stick with. My style as of late is soft and light feeling photographs. As some of you may know I am geared towards the Wedding and Portraiture side of photography; I feel like this decor shot describes perfectly what

“my cup of tea”  is!

Photographic Thesis- Vintage Edge- Edmonton & Lloydminster Portrait/ Lifestyle Photographer

For as long as I can remember vintage items have always held my curiosity. The history, the story and the character in which they hold are truly beautiful. I couldn’t think of a better theme to pursue then Vintage Edge- a modern day look at todays vintage inspired style.

Sue - February 16, 2013 - 1:50 am

Absolutely beautiful!